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From selection of the venue to opening of the convention, we support you in a variety of way, meeting your particular needs. We help you with your convention by supporting through subsidies, working together local communities and other related organizations, and planning satisfactory excursions.

About Wakayama Prefecture 

Wakayama prefecture, blessed with warm weather, has a plenty of natural environment and historical and cultural sites. In Michelin Green Guide Japan, Koyasan and Kumano Kodo, which were designated as World Heritage Sites in 2004, were granted the highest lank of three stars. After the convention, you will be refreshed in beautiful mountains or by the ocean, taking a dip in a hot spring.


We subsidize a Kinki district convention or a larger regional convention (2,000,000 yen at most), if more than 100 people from different parts in Japan stay overnight or longer in Wakayama Prefecture. Furthermore, we add another 5,000 yen (500,000 yen at most) per a foreign participant who is not a resident foreigner.

Other services

We also subsidize athletic meetings, arrange venues and accommodations, schedule venue-inspections, help you reserve a venue, rent DVDs and photos for advertisement, give information of events, suggest excursions to touristic sites, and offer a variety of tourism brochures.


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