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Asahikawa Tourist&Convention Association


Asahikawa City, Hokkaido



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Our goal is to encourage the tourist-related businesses in the city of Asahikawa by developing and promoting the tourist attractions in Asahikawa, inviting conventions and making efforts to improve the skills of those who are in tourism industry. Because of that we work on enhancing convenience and security of tourists and contribute both improving the lives of citizens and their prosperity.


Asahikawa is the northernmost city approved as a “City of International Convention and Tourism”. Asahikawa has a variety of convention halls, accommodations and urban functions including the international airport and airlines to the major cities in Japan and highways and railways laid out in a network. In addition, Asahikawa has great nature with distinctive four seasons such as Daisetsuzan National Park which is the largest in Japan. Whoever visits Asahikawa will have great memory of their trip.

Support and Service for Conventions

We give customers the information about convention halls and their brochures and make arrangements for the convention halls and accommodations. We also introduce related business operators for conventions. We help setting up welcome signs and stickers and provide guide maps and brochures of sightseeing spots in our area.


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Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
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